Ace Games Colac: Mysteries of the Moonsea

Mysteries of the Moonsea (2)

The Pursuit

28th Mirtul, 1372 DR

“I have sworn to escort a merchant from the tavern at which we stayed north to the town of Ashabenford, as this errand takes me and my newfound travelling companions in the direction I wished to go at any rate.

The journey so far had been relatively uneventful, but today I picked up the trail once more. Tonight we are staying at a place sacred to Chauntea known as the Abbey of the Sheaf. The Abbess there said that the noblewoman we were chasing passed by the day before, seeking to warn them of dangerous people pursuing her – when they offered her sanctuary, however she declined to enter the Abbey walls.

The home of my Order in Tethyr is a place sanctified and warded, this place has much the same feel about it. My suspicions about the nature of our quarry are increased, as is my caution. Tomorrow we arrive in Ashabenford town proper, and I will be able to investigate further."

~ Journal of Darvin Greycastle



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