Ace Games Colac: Mysteries of the Moonsea

Mysteries of the Moonsea (3)

Investigations and Obstacles

29th of Mirtul – 1372 DR

“Damn that woman. She has implicated us in the death of the man I am now almost certain she killed as we defended her. I was able to talk the town guard around, but even so they are sending riders to confirm our version of events with the innkeeper, and we will lose days. The trail will go cold.

I spoke with the father of the dead man’s wife who he stood accused of killing – knowing what I know now even if he did I doubt his culpability.

I have sworn to the Riders that guard this town that I will not travel more than one days ride from Ashabenford, but if I leave tonight while the others are sleeping then that may be enough to catch up with her before she can escape. The Moonsea is a vast place, with too many places to hide… at present I know she is on the road between here and Hillsfar, and the woods surrounding the road are dangerous even for the most accomplished.

I will push on and endeavour to bring her to justice. My conscience will not be clear until I get to the truth of the matter."

~ Journal of Darvin Greycastle



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