Ace Games Colac: Mysteries of the Moonsea

Mysteries of the Moonsea

A Dark Stormy Night

26th Mirtul, 1372 DR

“Stuck in an Inn bunkering from a wild storm I’ve found myself in the company of an odd group of travellers and an even more odd situation.

Myself and these travellers were approached by a noble-woman in need of protective services and given all were trapped in for the night, by a most furious storm, we agreed (Some agreeing only because they saw potential rewards from the noble-woman’s pocket or breast).
Though danger seemed unlikely at the time I found myself happier than usual to find myself in the company of another upstanding Paladin, which would prove well if things did turn bad.

During the course of the night things did take a turn for the worse. Another man that was taking refuge from the storm entered the inn. Though he was suspicious in his appearance and demeanor, I could not sense ill of him. This however seems to have turned out to be wrong.

This man somehow found his way into our noble-woman’s room in a state of irrepressible rage, intent on killing her.

A brief fight ensued and after seeing that the woman was protected, and that the other party members were not so successful in verbally deterring or restraining the man, I decided that I should step in and let the wall reason him a little. Curiously my attempt to subdue the man killed him and at the time I found this rather strange as my charge, though strong, should not have been enough to kill a normal healthy citizen.

After the consolidation of the fight my associates found a tome containing potentially dangerous magicks and it was assumed by the nature of the situation that it belonged to the attacker. I decided to briefly search the attacking man’s room wherein I found a small piece of parchment. It was a letter from the dead man making accusations against the noble woman we were tasked with protecting. He claimed to be a hunter and that our noble-woman was a fiend of the most devious and dangerous nature. At this point I became suspicious that maybe the woman was involved it the attackers death more than my actions were. I decided to keep this information to myself until I could assess the noble-woman and determine if the accusations were true, and if so, just how dangerous she is. Some of my fellow adventurers are rather headstrong and I would not have them running to confront a foe we are not prepared for.

During my time searching the room somehow my fellows let the noble-woman out of their sight, during which she made a dash out the window and took a horse into the stormy night. Pursuit was not an option as the storm blew with great fury.

Surely the woman would not have run from our protection unless she had something to hide. This only drives my suspicions deeper. In the morning if the storm has cleared I must follow the leads of this event. No death of such a suspicious nature can go unquestioned. I will task my fellows with accompanying me on the trail of our noble-woman. If foul play is afoot I will root it out."

~ Journal of Darvin Greycastle



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